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HAYR Car Share

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A brand that shines in the dark

HAYR Car Share, a unique concept where the mobile app enables the user to rent a car and drive across the city without worrying about fuel, parking, and maintenance. The car-sharing service is a first in India and is based on a free-float city self-drive car-sharing model. The task was to build a brand that is expected to change the way the urban population commutes inside a city.


Conceptualizing a brand so unique is to think on a grand scale. Launching it in a national arena needed us to work in a more panoramic module. The thought conceived was to create some grand cinematic image of the brand that can leave a lasting impression on the audience while positioning it in a very different way than others.


The grandeur came in the form of a panoramic film at the Buddha International Circuit in Noida. Check out the film.

Then came the teaser film that ascertains the brand’s commitment to induct the sense of pride in the user. Check out the film.

Being an app based platform we came up with an explainer film to make the user understand the process.


The films followed by a 360 degree integrated campaign placed Hayr Car Share amongst the leading start-ups in India.


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