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Business Upturn

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A one year old who means business

Business Upturn is a digital media start-up clocking an incredible 24 million page views in the first year of going live. The brand has grown exponentially since then with their announcement of acquiring; a news creation and distribution portal from Canada.

The task was to build a brand that can appeal to the new age readers who not just look news as a window to the world but an expression of his or her opinion.


Developing a digital portal that too in the business news domain is a risky task considering the intensity of engagement one expects from a business news reader and the competition that you face in this genre. From naming the brand to developing the corporate identity we kept in mind the target audience we are looking to touch.

‘Unalome’ is an ancient Hindu ideology that was later transplanted into Buddhism. It is now a spiritual identity of Buddhism around the world that represents the journey to enlightenment. There is something special about Unalome it reminds us of the fact that not every path is straight and one has to go through a process of self-discovery before to reaches a state of self-discovery or enlightment. This is the perfect analogy for a data analytic company.


The name ‘upturn’ came from our acute sense of understanding of how a new-age news reader wants to consume business news. At a time of diminishing attention span, it was critical to provide a brand experience that sticks to the psyche of the reader. From selecting a Wordpress theme to developing an user interface, we made sure we check the right boxes all the way.


ANI | Business Standard | The Print | Yahoo! Finance


The result, Business Upturn becomes one of the leading digital news publications in its segment. The portal clocked a whooping 24 million page views in the first year itself.


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